33 Reasons, a collaborative project initiated by Auckland print service The Print Guys depicting some of the more uplifting aspects of life in lockdown in 2020. 

The brief was to design a postcard showcasing these insights as well as expressing the reasons for doing what we do and what can be done to create better outcomes for everybody. Completed packs of postcards were distributed to some of the key figures in the design industry.

‘I have no idea who Phyllis Reilly is, if she is alive, or where she is from, she could be all sorts of people. But that was of no matter to me as Phyllis became my symbolic heroine for all the essential service workers pressing on in this extraordinary time in Aotearoa. I thought of Phyllis whenever I went to the supermarket, the chemist, the gas station. She reminded me not to take anyone for granted. This was a small act but a positive one. Our first job is to be human, emotional intelligence is an important part of the connective tissue we need as creatives.’ (Text from back of the card)

The inspiration for this came from Parsons School of Design’s project, Atlas of Everyday Objects — In the Age of Global Social Isolation – a project inviting people to document the objects of their isolation and share them on Instagram. The chosen object needed to have taken on new meaning since being isolated. ‘The results aim to be a collaborative archive documenting our current global situation, and how it has impacted our relationship with the objects in our lives.’  http://www.observationalpractices.org/atlas/ This was my initial post to instagram #objectsofmyisolation