‘Passing the facade of the Halluimill where the signs promise: Lift Off, Crazy Lift, Super Lift… Here the people going in are simply excited but the one’s coming out are clearly stoned out of their minds.’ Logan’s Run

Science fiction as a genre proffers a sense of excitement, offering a space for imagining the future, not only for the constitution of the individual, but of the species as whole. As Goethe states, “The thrill of awe is the best thing humanity has.”

My interest lies in the idea of desire explored through the development of the construct  known as ‘Eden’, as it toys with the fanatical hunger to resurrect nature in all its extraordinary wonder. Privileged to the charge of discovery or self-delusion for ourselves, we delight in altering worlds via the audacious projections from our deepest dreams and visions. Imagination and fantasy support a revised view of the horizon harbouring our limits, offering new and thrilling discoveries. 


Quay School of the Arts, Whanganui
Perspex, plastic, stickers, 2001