An art practice has always been central to my creativity. Whilst I majored in sculpture for my BFA, my recent work is informed by the ideas rather than committing to a specific medium.  


Momento 18

If I catch you talking to a stray dog was first conceived as a project after looking at a book of crime photos taken by US photographer, Weegee. Collaborating with Auckland photographer Tony Nyberg we set about creating a series of images with friends.


Natura Stupet

Natura Stupet explores Eden as a quixotic construct, both abstracted and romanticised, driven by colonising impulses, and overshadowed by the threat of exploitation and ultimately expulsion.


The Pleasure Hunters

What do you make of skeletal buggies, with office furniture wheels or model kitset wheels, carrying sods of manicured lawn, a rack of ‘test tubes’ succouring seedlings (and what looked like weeds consuming an archway within the gallery), all on top of a network of signs?


Newtonism for Ladies

‘Passing the facade of the Halluimill where the signs promise: Lift Off, Crazy Lift, Super Lift… Here the people going in are simply excited but the one’s coming out are clearly stoned out of their minds.’ Logan’s Run