DULL ACHE was created in collaboration with NZ poet Jasmine Gallagher, published early 2020 and already in its second edition. It has been shown at both the Wellington Photobook Fair and Melbourne Artbook Fair in March 2020. Dull Ache is a small photobook offering a place for readers to meander and seek solace. A short excerpt…

She put down the glass and 
walked over to the windowsill. 
Through its pane she could see
down into sheltered garden and  
a memory of torn paper
scraps — much foxing to cover. 
The smell of macrocarpa  
abscission and beneath the  
lilac horizon while away back  
sounds chime in the distance. A 
leaf reaches out to touch the

sunbeams, then looks over at
you. You knowingly pretend not
to notice. The crepuscular rays
too, they console you. And
there are still chores to be
done — thank goodness for their
monotony, their purpose. When
you are finished you will pick up
where you left off, remember.
At the estate sale: a vine. A
curlicue. A signature. Like 

smoke drifting up from the
bonfire that was ceremoniously
lit to clear out all this detritus.
An old waterbed and a chest of
drawers. An ember and ash
drifted for miles before being
laid to rest in neighbouring
farmland, while a rubbish pit
nearby gargled the tasselled
shade cast by LOT 1072 of the
auction catalogue luxuriantly.

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